It is important that you understand the performance profile of each member of your team. Of course you will have a clear idea of their output, which is likely to be the appointments generated, the amount of sales or order values.

However it is equally important that you understand how they achieve those results. How hard do they work, how persistent are they ? How successful are they at the selling part of the call ? Certainly with teams I’ve run in the past I’ve collected this data from each person every day. You then monitor them monthly and discuss their results with them. If activity is an issue to you, you can even set targets around activity, although you should NEVER REWARD activity with monetary items.

If you already record some figures or you’d like to see how the results can look when fed back to you in the form of a graph, then complete our form on the website, click on the link and one of your team will run some analysis based on YOUR OWN FIGURES. You then get back results about your team. Think how useful this could be !