Social networking, viral marketing and blogging is all part of the next big marketing thing or is it ?

The world and markets are changing rapidly at the moment. Traditional business models and marketing practices are changing and may never by the same again. When’s the last time you looked up a telephone number in the Yellow Pages for instance ?

To Market is on Twitter. If you have an account you’re welcome to follow us at . . Admittedly we’re not entirely sure why yet ! Initially we’re adding backlinks to some of the blogs we’ve posted here. Hopefully that way we’re supplying content and a lot more useful than knowing what Andrew Seaward had for breakfast, or that he’s standing at a train station waiting for a train !

To Market on Twitter - are you ?!


If any of you are on Twitter, we’d be interested to know what you use it for and how you see it developing for you. Or is it a social networking tool and nothing else ?

Finally the web has helped create the idea that much information is easily available and FREE ! So it is important to ensure that whatever you offer on your website by way of articles is insightful, and genuinely useful to the reader. The days of full on sales pitches are fading fast. The quality of your free advice will do your selling for you in any case.