Classroom empty

Is it time to get back to some classroom training? Businesses are adjusting to whatever their new reality is. For some, it seems that everyone is now back in the office. I have recently started work with a new client, who is back to business and keen to make up for the revenue shortfall incurred during lockdown.

For others, it’s about all office staff working from home, and only going in to the office when absolutely needed. For many of the rest, it’s somewhere in between : with some people going back in by rotation.

But where does this leave your training?

Classroom or Zoom? 

To Market has been carrying out some training with clients online, using Zoom. It makes perfect sense. And during lockdown it was the only way of delivering training. I enjoyed working with teams from the comfort of their homes.

But what if they’re back in the office? Not all desktops have cameras built-in and so onscreen training means getting everyone in one room huddled around one camera. It isn’t easy to do this whilst observing social distancing.

So, what’s the answer? 

I have noticed that a number of To Market clients are keen to return to classroom-based training with some social distancing caveats of course. With one client we’ve carried out an experiment with the training programme. We carried out some online and some recently on site. Anecdotally they believe that the team benefitted more from the sessions in-house. Consequently they’ve requested that remaining modules happen onsite.

Another prospective client has suggested that if they commission To Market  to run some internal sales skills training, they’d like it to be (again) in-house. “I just think it will work better that way. We prefer it.” 

What’s next?

If you have a recognised need for some customer service, internal sales, or telemarketing / sales training for your team, we can talk about it. Just drop your details here.

In this brave new world that we’re stepping out into, the companies that will survive and then thrive will be ones who

  • Ensure their customer facing team is at the top of their game
  • Motivated
  • Flexible in adapting to rapidly changing market conditions

Blended learning

Training with To Market can of course be configured however you want. We can run Zoom sessions if your team is WFH (working from home) or we can run the programme on site at your offices – with some safeguards of course.

To Market training for

  • Customer Service
  • Internal Sales
  • Telemarketing
  • Telesales
  • Sales

We wish you all well.