The 11 main telephone sales objections are here if you follow this link….

What are the major telephone sales objections you face ?

It is easy when working on the phone to think that the objections you face in your telesales or telemarketing role are unique. But of course most other people face the same objections in their role too. OK, the language may be a bit different but in essence it’s the same thing.

All you have to do is develop the script – the words to deal with these.
We are working on an audio product – a CD to help with some generic advice and we’d like you to help us put this list together. The more of you contribute ideas to this process the better our finished product will be, because it will more closely fit what real people find doing real telesales in the real world.
So e-mail us the top 5 objections you face on the phone to and we’ll incorporate it into our work.