You have an opportunity to join us for a one day telesales course in Corby on 22nd January.

We have been commissioned to run a course by a Northamptonshire training company on that day. Some of the delegates will be theirs, but we have 2 places available at the moment.

This course is highly suitable for any telesales or telemarketing people, especially if you’re based in Northampton, Corby, Kettering, Wellingborough, Peterborough, Leicestershire or Northamptonshire. You can e-mail us at for more course details, but the course will cover ;   

·         Discussion on the key things that work and don’t work in verbal communication (and how all these things are mostly based around just 2 key principles !)


·         The true impact of Expression, Energy and Emphasis. How just the opening 6 words of a call can tell you 40 + things about a stranger (you can’t even see !)


·         Questioning skills. To understand what different types of questions there are, how to know when to use them, and how to structure a good sales call around good questioning techniques. We also demonstrate how it makes people like you more too !


·         Understanding the sales process so as to be able to navigate your way through an effective call. How to know what to do, when. This will cover ;


o        How to open a telesales call (and how it’s different to face to face sales.)

o        Identifying customer needs

o        Use of quality questions to unearth the right information and build rapport

o        Dealing with different types of customer

o        How to wrap up a sales call


·         How to organise your telephone sales activity (to get the most out of your time)


·         Who to prioritise to get the best chance of success


·         Getting past gatekeepers. Understanding that it is all part of the game


·         Opening lines to use to create interest


·         Ways of dealing with the dreaded ‘price objection’


·         How to sell on things other than price


The fee for this course is just £199 + VAT per delegate. In return we will feed you, give you warm drinks, a set of notes and a host of useful and motivational ideas and new techniques to try !