Telesales, telemarketing, and customer service training from To Market is available for London based companies : onsite at your premises.


So for you no travel costs, no venue hire and no on-costs. We now have 4 days per month allocated to running telephone skills training for you in London. If you are based in London and have a 0207 or 0208 telephone number you qualify for these 2 day courses : we offer 2 versions of our communications skills course.


Customer service telephone skills training for your contact centre, call centre or customer service team is available. It covers such vital skills as listening, how to use your voice to display interest, and questioning skills to establish what they really want. Also how to understand the power of the 80% of your communication that either makes the customer warm to you, or alternatively puts them off ! It’s all good stuff.


We do of course also cover such topics as how to calm difficult and demanding people and how to ensure you offer exceptional customer service. It’s all about exceeding customer expectations.


The alternative course is for business development and so covers outbound telesales, telemarketing and internal sales calls.


The bells and whistles training package also gets you a series of training audio CDs on customer service that you can use after the customer service training programme is complete.


If you’re a London based company who wants sharper skills when dealing with customers on the phone, contact us, we can help with quality customer service and telesales training. Last year, one of our clients won a Sunday Times award for the best customer service in their sector. Who knows, next year it could be you !

Telesales & customer service training - London

Telesales & customer service training - London