Selling training

Increase your team’s ability to sell more

Are you considering how you can get better results from your outbound telephone-based team? Chances are that you believe investing in your team will help improve results.

Almost certainly a small increase in their output will more than pay for any investment you make in them in terms of training. You’d expect us to say that of course! Why not start with a team audit – to get a bit of a steer…

Team audit

A pre-course team audit is an exercise where we come along and sit with your team while they’re on the phone for a couple of hours. This is totally non-invasive. They carry on working in the normal way. After 2 hours we will go away, write up some notes and give you a report with some suggestions. Interested? Find out more here team audits.

In-house training

You can commission To Market to run our 2 day core telephone sales masterclass course on your premises at a time to suit you. The core course focuses on how to get the best from your communication skills. We cover work on ;

  • Listening skills. Understanding how this is one of the 2 key rapport-building skills. 
  • The power of vocal tone. How just the first 6 words tell the other person more than 40 things about you!
  • Directing the conversation. How to use the easy 2-stage process that we teach.
  • Questioning techniques. Designed to show interest and gather the information you need to build the sale 

Then as the course goes on, we make it more sales orientated. Much more about how to sell more product to more people, more often. We talk about

  • Features, Advantages & Benefits. How concentrating on what they want to know will get you more wins
  • Complaints, Objections & Nos. How dealing well with these negatives will build you resilience in sales 
  • Structure of the Sales call. Some great and interactive exercises help identify how to navigate your way through the sales process.

Who will benefit?

Clearly our core course is aimed at anyone who makes outbound calls and has to make something happen. This could be you if you’re in telesales, telemarketing or even internal sales. If you set your own appointments, or work in lead generation, this course is for you.

We also have sales account managers on this course as well. If training in how to get more out of outbound call activity sounds like your type of thing, drop us some details on our contact page.