Telesales closing technniques. It’s easy really, it’s only a question that’s all.

Closing techniques for telesales - easy really

I am often asked about closing tips and techniques for telesales and telemarketing people when clients commission me to run training courses for their sales teams. Sometimes people tell me that their sales team doesn’t close well enough, or that they are frightened of the close. Frightened of what ? Asking a question ? Surely not ?

No, the close should be the natural extension of the conversation you are having with the person you are talking to. The key to effective closing is really about doing the other bits right first. The only reason you should be going for the close, where you ask the prospect for their commitment is because you’ve done everything else and you think they should say yes.

The earlier parts of the sales process are where you ask questions at the identifying needs stage. Your questioning skills and listening skills are the most important elements here. Once you’ve listened to, and got clear about what the prospect’s needs really are, you can then offer your matching statements by telling them how you offer a product or service that matches their requirements. This will frequently involve reinforcing the fact that their requirements are entirely logical and that is why you offer that product or service.

You use the seek and speak circle to control the conversation, and benefit statements to create interest and hopefully a little excitement. That is the quality that will ultimately make them decide to commit NOW – today. This is what you want to aim for.

If you’re getting the right signs and the right level of interest, then you simply ask the question. There are many ways of doing this and your words will need to fit the situation, but they should sound soft and consensual, “Ok, so is this what you want to go for then ?” or “Shall I go ahead and set them up for you now ?” or “great let’s start the ball rolling then shall we ?”

The close really is only a question, nothing more, nothing less. Do your groundwork properly first, and greater conversion rates will be yours! The world definitely has room for one more superstar.

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