Contract cleaning companies rely heavily on telesales and telemarketing, and To Market gets many training and development enquiries from this industry sector. Having an effective telesales or telemarketing team is important if you are trying to generate new leads and new business opportunities in contract cleaning.

Not all contract cleaners are as cheap to pay as this one !

Building a good database or list is fairly straightforward if you’re a contract cleaning company as most business of a certain profile will have a potential use for your services.

To Market training for contract cleaning companies usually starts with the onsite team audit where we will come and listen in to your team for 2 hours. At that point we can give you a report back on your team, and areas for improvement. The 2 day in-house telephone communication skills course is then tailored to address the areas for improvement.
In addition as one contract cleaning client said recently “the other good thing about training is that it signals to my team that their role is valued and that I’m serious about their targets too !”
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