Apparently it’s true, telesales and telemarketing to lead you back into growth.

Recent report said that the strength and skill of companies telesales and telemarketing teams and their training and development is going to be key as markets start to move into the recovery phase.

With marketing budgets severly reduced many organisations are finding that post and particularly e-mail campaigns are less successful than they were 18 months ago. Response rates are said to be falling by up to 90% in some market sectors – simply because customers are becoming saturated with marketing messages in their inbox. Partly as a result spam filters are becoming more sophisticated.

Sales recovery - albeit not smooth

Sales recovery - albeit not smooth

Sales and marketing approaches are going back to the personal approach : to speak on a one to one basis with customers and prospects. Of the 2 approaches field sales activity gives the best quality of contact. However it comes at a price. By the time all costs have been considered it is believed that a salesperson’s visit typically costs around £85. The difficulty has been though that recently there haven’t been enough customers to make the numbers stack up.

Telesales and telemarketing allows you to cover your market far more cost effectively, making up to 20 presentations to decision-makers per day typically. Each of these will set you back around £5.

As a result getting the right staff in trained and equally importantly, motivated ready for the rising market is set to become one of the challenges of the next year or so. There are many people on the job market but not enough with a track record of success. Quality people in this market sector are in short supply.

To beat the rush, the time to act is now – to structure your team in a way that secures them before the rest of the market. We’re currently working with organisations in Cambridge, Birmingham, Coventry, Leicester, Northampton, Kettering, Corby and Grantham to help them get prepared.