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Telemarketing appointment setting.  This is a relatively low cost route to market for many in B2B sectors. Some sectors are finding business challenging, with the political uncertainty over Brexit currently. Consequently it becomes more important than ever to find new customers. This will almost certainly involve expanding the customer universe. You can’t simply rely on all the customers you’ve had in the past. Broadly most organisations have 2 ways of doing this.

Time or money?

Engaging new customers won’t cost much if you use social media. But it is (probably) fairly time consuming. Also, because it is low-cost there is a lot of noise out there. Lots of people are broadcasting.


Telemarketing offers an alternative way of contacting, and arguably more importantly, keeping in touch with current customers.

Building or updating your database is perhaps the time consuming bit. The list of names that you’re going to call. But once that’s done, you’re away.

Be structured with your call plan and organised about phone activity. This means dedicating some time to it. Don’t see telemarketing or prospecting as something to fit around other admin tasks. It is the front end of your business. Finding new customers is probably the most important process in your business. Well, and looking after the ones you already have of course.

It’ll get squeezed out if you fit it around other tasks. There will never be time left over to do prospecting.

Your database

You need something computerised to store all the information you gather. You also need it to set dates for future calls. There are many excellent database packages out there. But use Excel if you want to. It’ll get you started.

If you want to start telemarketing for your business, or you want to ramp up the activity you have at the moment, talk to us. To Market runs courses for telesales and telemarketing teams, as well for field based sales personnel who have to do their own appointment setting. Contact us via email for more details. You can find out more about our range of open courses here