So big Phil has gone ! And Chelsea FC are going to make do with a part-time manager who doesn’t even work in this country the rest of the time. So is that really better than having a World Cup winning manager full-time ?! I don’t see how it can be.

So is Phil a bad manager ? Probably not. Did he lead the team well ? Seems not judging by the stories of disharmony in the camp. But let’s just consider his management credentials for a moment. He led Brazil to a World Cup win (possibly not the most difficult feat in football admittedly – with so much abundant talent), but you’ve still got to be the ‘chosen one’. He also was the man who regularly put one over on Sven when it mattered – sending us out of 2 key tournaments. So much so that not so long ago he was supposedly the man for the England job. “If you can’t beat him, let him join.”

So what happened at Chelsea then ? Did all those skills desert him ? And what of his predecessor Avram Grant ? His team finished a close second in the league on the final day (by 2 points) and were just one kick of a ball away from being European Champions. Sounds fairly impressive. But not good enough it seems. “So let’s stir it all up and start again.”  

Perhaps the problem is with the organisation ! Huh – oh no, can’t be ! To produce a winning organisation first you must have stability and continuity. Clearly if someone is a muppet and falls short of the their goals then they have to go but look at your goal setting. Is it realistic ? Is world domination a justifiable aim ? No-one has yet managed that in any field.

Also it is important to recognise that just throwing money at a problem will not solve it. Whether it is Abramovich at Chelsea or the American government in the Middle East, achievement of our goals in life will involve some graft and dedication, and putting our shoulder to the wheel. It may be a slog but it must be done. Just hoping that money will help achieve everything we want doesn’t work.

But yes I’ll leave you to tell that to Mr Abramovich !

Make your goal setting challenging but realistic, and remember to set SMART goals. In these testing times setting personal goals and self-development becomes even more important.