One Minute Manager

Blanchard and Johnson say you should invest in training!

Ken Blanchard and Spencer Johnson’s book the One Minute Manager explains that training is imperative to grow your team and your company. Unsurprisingly we agree wholeheartedly. Organisations have no option other than to continually look to raise the bar to ensure they stay one step ahead of the competition.

Telesales & telemarketing masterclass – 12th & 13th December 2011

Our next 2 day telesales masterclass will run on 12th & 13th December 2011 in Coventry. Just 3 weeks away.  This course will cover all the key elements of communication skills and how to structure an effective sales call. We’ll be covering top tips and techniques for dealing with objections, listening skills, questioning skills – what the different questions…

Telesales training Coventry – testimonials

I.T. reseller telesales and telephone skills training. Recent course included structure of the sales call, listening skills, questioning skills, the fundamentals of communication, dealing with objections and complaints. Interactive course run by To Market telephone skills training.

The magic ingredient that will help you get on in life – ENTHUSIASM

Enthusiasm and energy makes successful sales people. Our telesales training features work on the true impact of your voice : how a stranger can tell 40+ things about you from the first 6 words of a telephone conversation. Make sure your energy level and enthusiasm give the right image.

The 11 main telephone sales objections

The 11 main telephone sales objections are here if you follow the link to the articles site here. Objections are fairly standard across industries, but they feel different to each person. We’re undertaking a piece of research on the most common objections, and we’d like your help …