Training CD

Building an effective telephone team

Our audio CD with our top tips and advice on the most effective way of setting up an outbound phone team : telemarketing or telesales. Learn the shortcuts and focus on the 8 key areas to ensure you do it right. Avoid the headaches and set yourself up for success. The training CD from To Market will guide you through the pitfalls.

Why you need a telesales commission scheme

Commission schemes are an important part of the management and motivation of great telesales and telemarketing teams as advocated by To Market. Encouraging and rewarding good performance is important. As is making it feel uncomfortable for underperformers. There are a few things to watch out for though. Only pay on outputs, not inputs. Measuring inputs or having KPIs around inputs is fine, but don’t pay on them.

Turning inbound phone teams into outbound teams

Turning inbound customer service and internal sales teams into outbound teams is something you may be considering. It’s common these days, but it’s potentially challenging. You’re paying your team to sit there, but they are taking less calls than they used to. And they’re used to talking to customers after all aren’t they? However recognise that this transition is not as easy as it might first appear.

How to be an effective phone team manager – some free tips

How to be an effective phone team manager – some free tips. Great ideas came out of a recent course we ran for a team of telephone team managers in Birmingham. We run courses for telesales, telemarketing, customer service and internal sales team managers, supervisors and team leaders and we enjoy seeing buckletloads of good ideas coming out. Here are some top tips – some great advice from the participants.