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Shall I leave a voicemail? Telesales tips

Shall I leave a voicemail? In this article we give you our view on when to leave and when not to leave a voicemail. How well you know the prospect, whether you have a specific reason for the sales call and the amount of time since your last telesales or telemarketing call are all factors that determine the way you play this modern barrier to telesales progress.

How to sell a price difference – Telesales tips

How to sell the price difference – telesales tips. This is a tip I learned a few years ago, and it comes in really useful. If you’re competing with a competitor for a prospect’s business and you’re more expensive – focus on the difference. This makes it a much easier sell.

Sales tip – don’t call back too often – you look desperate

Sales tip – don’t call back too often – you look desperate. We all appreciate that in sales we need to be ‘on the ball’, ‘on top of our game’ and in constant contact. We don’t want to miss any business opportunities do we? However you also don’t want to look desperate…..

Don’t apologise for your sales call

Don’t apologise for your sales call. What you or your team does is an important job. So avoid phrases such as “this is just a brief call” or “this is a quick courtesy call.” Urgh that is horrible, all calls should be courteous. Stop apologising and get on with the job.

Make sure your telesales team is targeted on what you are targeted on

Telesales and telemarketing teams should be targeted on what the managers are targeted on. Too often teams are targeted to achieve something out of line with corporate objectives : for instance sales volume rather than profitable sales …..

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Getting past the gatekeeper – 5 top tips

Getting past the gatekeeper – 5 top tips. Getting past the receptionist is one of the most testing parts of being an outbound telemarketer or telesales agent. Our interactive training sessions produce many great tips to overcome this occupational hazard.