Telemarketing training – Peterborough

A 2 day telemarketing programme for a B2B company in Peterborough. The team audit was carried out a couple of weeks in advance and 2 major things came out of it. There wasn’t enough benefit selling going on during the call and they weren’t as good at dealing with objections as they wanted to be. The training programme covered a lot of other stuff of course, but we spent a fair amount of time on these 2 topics. These 2 subjects, benefit selling and objection handling are common to all outbound sales calls and key to lifting conversion rates.

Our top 10 tips for getting past the gatekeeper – Leicester training

10 of our top tips on getting past the gatekeeper, from a recent telesales course in Leicester. Some will work better than others for you, and different situations will require different remedies. Nevertheless getting past the gatekeeper is an occupational hazard for telesales, telemarketing and other people developing new business in B2B markets.

Dealing with sales objections is easy

Objection handling is easy as you’ve probably heard it before. Regardless of industry sector, they generally fit the same pattern. We can buy the same cheaper elsewhere, we’re happy with supplier B, we haven’t got any money etc. Our audio CD guides you through how to handle this.

How to make your low value product stand out

How to make your low value product stand out. You may encounter apathy as prospects consider your product too low value to give it much brain space. Develop attention grabbing hooks and use specific facts and data where you can.

How to ensure you’re talking benefits not features

Ensure you stay focused on the benefits when talking about your products or services with your customers. It’s not so important what the products or services come with, but what they do for the customer. How does the product or service make their life easier or save them money. That’s all they’re interested in.