Telephone team managers course – 2nd & 3rd July 2014

Telephone team manager supervisor team leader training – 2nd & 3rd July 2014. Specially designed training course for all phone team supervisors in customer service, internal sales, telesales, telemarketing, contact centre, and call centre. Share 2 days with some other like minded people in an engaging, interactive course.

Don’t recruit a new telemarketing manager yet

Hiring an interim telemarketing or telesales manager can be a more cost effective recruitment solution than going to the expense of recruiting a new full-time telesales or telemarketing manager. It is a more flexible solution too as you avoid much of the statutory regulations and are not committed to paying someone for turning up.

Turning inbound phone teams into outbound teams

Turning inbound customer service and internal sales teams into outbound teams is something you may be considering. It’s common these days, but it’s potentially challenging. You’re paying your team to sit there, but they are taking less calls than they used to. And they’re used to talking to customers after all aren’t they? However recognise that this transition is not as easy as it might first appear.

Get all your sales quotes out within 48 hours

Get all your sales quotes out within 48 hours. Have standards and sales proposal templates to use to ensure all sales activity is followed up rapidly. Make sure you perform to this standard and demand it of others if you’re the manager. What’s the worst that will happen? You just might win some more orders. Find out how it makes it easier for you too.

How to be an effective phone team manager – some free tips

How to be an effective phone team manager – some free tips. Great ideas came out of a recent course we ran for a team of telephone team managers in Birmingham. We run courses for telesales, telemarketing, customer service and internal sales team managers, supervisors and team leaders and we enjoy seeing buckletloads of good ideas coming out. Here are some top tips – some great advice from the participants.

The magic ingredient that will help you get on in life – ENTHUSIASM

Enthusiasm and energy makes successful sales people. Our telesales training features work on the true impact of your voice : how a stranger can tell 40+ things about you from the first 6 words of a telephone conversation. Make sure your energy level and enthusiasm give the right image.