Telephone team managers course – 2nd & 3rd July 2014

Telephone team manager supervisor team leader training – 2nd & 3rd July 2014. Specially designed training course for all phone team supervisors in customer service, internal sales, telesales, telemarketing, contact centre, and call centre. Share 2 days with some other like minded people in an engaging, interactive course.

Interim or fixed contract telesales or telemarketing manager

Interested in hiring an interim or fixed contract telesales or telemarketing manager ? Interview candidates who may want to do the job for you for a fixed number of days per month. Although daily rate is higher than a ‘normal’ employee, nevertheless their time on site with you would be focused & strongly accountable. Our advice is to set up an agreement with them that is for 12 months or so (however long you see the job lasting) but with the right of notice set to one month. That way it will keep your interim telemarketing or telesales manager on their toes with a strong eye on making sure they deliver for you.

Interim telesales or telemarketing manager – Cambridge

Interim telesales or telemarketing manager – Cambridge. One of the fastest growing sectors of recruitment, hiring an interim gives you the flexibility to hire in the expertise you need for a short period of time without long term financial commitment. UK economy is continuing to change rapidly and businesses need to keep flexible. Salaries – single biggest element of cost so limiting these fixed costs makes good sense.