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5 easy steps to make your telesales call a lot more interesting

5 easy steps to make your telesales call a lot more interesting. 5 top tips starting with getting them talking first. Getting the prospect engaged will make the selling part of the call a whole lot easier.

The best and worst times of the week to make sales calls

When are the worst times of the week or day to make outbound telephone sales or telemarketing calls? Monday mornings are a waste of time, Friday afternoons don’t even bother. The first hour 9 – 10 is a bit fruitless and don’t try to get a decision-maker during school holidays. Summer holidays, July and August are also to be avoided. Most of December is a write-off to be honest. And so it goes. What does that leave? When is it best to hit the phones to reach your target prospect?

Getting past the gatekeeper – some telesales tips

Getting past gatekeepers. Remember they’re only doing their job. So get used to it, and learn to work with them rather than against them. Here we share some tips to help you get gatekeepers on side – to help you get through to more decision-makers more often to do more presentations.

How to sell a price difference – Telesales tips

How to sell the price difference – telesales tips. This is a tip I learned a few years ago, and it comes in really useful. If you’re competing with a competitor for a prospect’s business and you’re more expensive – focus on the difference. This makes it a much easier sell.