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ONLINE sales training – one day sales communication

This one day sales communication course will start again on Thursday 28th January 2021, and will run over 5 Zoom sessions. Each one will be 60 – 90 minutes. Delegate rates are reduced to just £99 for the duration of the UK lockdown. We’ll cover many of the key things you need to master in order to develop great relationships with customers : over the phone or face to face.

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How to get past the gatekeeper – 60 minutes ONLINE

The gatekeeper is a factor that slows you up. They don’t put you through to the person you want to speak to. The person who will be captivated by what you have to say. We’ll consider the relationship you can build with the gatekeeper and why you must respect them. We also talk about many hints and tips learned over many years for ways of getting past them.

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13th July at 10:30 – Questioning skills selling on the phone – bite-sized sales training

Questioning, alongside listening are arguably the most important of your communication skills. Master these and selling becomes a whole lot easier. They help you find out the things you need to know. They also show interest in the other person, and from this you build rapport. This is the first training module as part of…

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Getting past the gatekeeper – Bite-sized sales training

Getting past the gatekeeper. A topic close to the heart of all us who make outbound calls in order to generate business. This will be the third training module we will run as part of the bite-sized programme. If you want to see the full schedule check out bite-sized. Each of our topics will be…

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Telephone skills to help your field based sales team

Telephone skills for field based sales teams is a vital part of the armoury. To close deals, to set their own appointments, to follow-up proposals, to qualify prospects. And yet most never have any training. It can be seen as just as an extension of face-to-face selling. Which it isn’t as the majority of sales people will tell you! Invest in a little training and help your team increase their effectiveness – all from the ease of their desks.