Dealing with sales objections is easy

Objection handling is easy as you’ve probably heard it before. Regardless of industry sector, they generally fit the same pattern. We can buy the same cheaper elsewhere, we’re happy with supplier B, we haven’t got any money etc. Our audio CD guides you through how to handle this.

talk to the hand woman

I’m not interested – thank you!

I’m not interested thank you! This is a common objection telesales and telemarketing personnel have to face on the phone. While it is tempting to bin the record or add it to your archive file, it is better to base your decision on the potential of the account in the medium term, not what Harry or Harriet says to you today.

Befriend the gatekeeper – it’s the only way !

Befriend the gatekeeper – it’s the only way ! Gatekeepers, receptionists, secretaries, PAs can be the bane of your life to any aspiring telemarketing or telesales person, and this is a hot topic when I discuss telesales or telemarketing training with clients. However it is important to remember a few truths …

How to get your field based sales team into the office making calls

One day in-house course to help you get your sales team to get more appointments and sales. Aimed at Field force sales training, sales team training, sales techniques, advanced selling, appointment making on the telephone, overcoming objections, getting past the gatekeeper, sales training leicester, sales training northampton