Buy some huge experience with a short term telesales manager

Buy some huge and wide ranging experience with a short-term telesales or telemarketing manager. You don’t have to commit large sums to someone to head your team – certainly not at the moment. Find out more here.

Turning inbound phone teams into outbound teams

Turning inbound customer service and internal sales teams into outbound teams is something you may be considering. It’s common these days, but it’s potentially challenging. You’re paying your team to sit there, but they are taking less calls than they used to. And they’re used to talking to customers after all aren’t they? However recognise that this transition is not as easy as it might first appear.

Get advice on why not to hire a new telesales manager

Advice on why not to hire a new telesales manager. If you’re currently looking to build up the telesales or telemarketing function in your company, you may be looking at recruiting a new telesales manager. Alternatively you may be looking to recruit one who has left. However there is a flexible alternative.

How to build your telesales – without spending big sums on a manager

Some ideas on how to build your telesales – without spending big sums on a manager. A current hot topic in telesales and telemarketing management is the idea of hiring an interim telesales manager or someone for a fixed or variable term. It offers you great flexibility and could be just what you are looking for.