How to engage your prospect in 2 easy sentences

How to engage your sales prospect in 2 easy sentences is about ensuring your message or spiel (aargh) is delivered with their thoughts and perspective in mind. Hold back on telling them how wonderful your company and it’s products are, and how much you know. It’s not what they want to know.

Increasing telesales conversion rates – 5 top tips

It’s all very well making lots of calls, but it’s results you really want. So conversion rate is really important. Here are 5 of our tips for helping get more orders or appointments from your call activity.

Getting past the gatekeeper – some telesales tips

Getting past gatekeepers. Remember they’re only doing their job. So get used to it, and learn to work with them rather than against them. Here we share some tips to help you get gatekeepers on side – to help you get through to more decision-makers more often to do more presentations.