Tips on delivering bad news

Tips on delivering bad news from To Market. This topic is covered on the 2 day customer service course during the session on Language to influence. Our customer service courses are lively and interactive and feature a range of exercises : recordings, brain storming sessions and exercises working in pairs. Download a sample course schedule from our website to get more information.

Professionalism on the phone – 5 top tips

Professionalism on the phone is key to many customers purchase decisions. Customers, clients and prospects will often make decisions about who they’re going to buy from based on the level of professionalism of the person they speak to. They will also pay more if they believe the seller they’re talking to will offer a more professional service. Make sure this is you.

Great customer service is about EFFICIENCY – right ?

Great customer service and exceeding the customer’s expectations is about efficiency. All good customer service training covers this important subject. It is an interesting concept as efficiency in a customer service environment is about 2 different things and they are opposing forces.