As you may notice from the To Market website, we carry out team audits for clients, where we will sit and observe their team for a couple of hours while they make live calls.

One thing that comes up frequently is the quality of spelling. Now you could argue that it makes no real difference when the information stays in your in-house database. However information such as company names, and addresses will normally be used for mail merging and so any input error will be transferred on to the front of your highly expensive brochure, exotic flyer or simple letter. And just consider the impact if you’ve spelt their name wrong !

One client we worked with recently on telesales training in Birmingham couldn’t understand why whenever they did geographic searches on town name the numbers of available records that came up were small. But we have 10,000 live records they cried ! On closer inspection they were horrified to discover that the problem was their team’s awful spelling. Towns like Gloucester, Norwich, Leicester, and even Milton Keynes seemed to pose challenges.

So spend a little time checking the quality of the information in your database. It is well worth it in the long run. Remember the old computing adage “garbage in, garbage out.”