Sex sells – make the most of yourself – honestly.

We may like to deny it, and we may like to think in these modern times that we judge people on what they say and what they know. And all these things are important in the post-industrial era. However ………….. physical appearance still plays a big part in determining whether someone wants to deal with you or not, or at least if they’re going to choose you over a competitor when there might not be much to choose between you.

I was reminded of this during a recent conversation with a client. He was talking about the company they use for their printing and talking about how they support local businesses where they can and how they’d been using this company for a number of years.

He went on to say that what he remembered about the first meeting when a lady came to introduce the company’s services was that she had nice shoes. He didn’t elaborate, but the key point was that it was an item of clothing rather than the presentation that he’d remembered. Admittedly if she’d have communicated badly or offered poor products, I guess she wouldn’t have been considered further – however nice her shoes. But, assuming there was a fair bit of competition, her pride in her appearance and the thought she put into choosing what she would wear clearly paid dividends. Whatever her shoes cost, was no doubt repaid many times over.

Your shoes could ultimately make all the difference


Of course, you may or may not like the shoes pictured, you’re hardly on this site looking for fashion advice are you?! But make the most of whatever your creator has given you. Make sure you’re smart, tidy and professional looking, and wearing something appropriate for your market sector. The latest SuperDry t-shirt may be fine if you’re a web designer, but probably not if you’re a commercial solicitor.

And then if you trust your judgement to try that one bold item that will get you noticed and then remembered so much the better. Remember fortune favours the brave and it is true that most men will enjoy looking at a shapely pair of legs just as women appreciate a man who’s made the effort and looks smart in her company (even if the goal is to sell something!)

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