Sales tip – don’t call back too often – you look desperate. We all appreciate that in sales we need to be ‘on the ball’, ‘on top of our game’ and in constant contact. We don’t want to miss any business opportunities do we?

However, you also don’t want to look desperate. I’d agreed recently to a salesman calling me on a particular day. He wanted to show me his web-based product and conduct an on-line demo. I was interested in the product. However my plans changed and I wasn’t in on the appointed day. It would appear he called something like a dozen times that day.

Clearly you want to make contact with a prospect, especially if you’ve agreed a time to call. However calling with that degree of intensity makes it look like you only have one prospect and you are desperate, absolutely desperate to talk to them. Chances are if you don’t get hold of them after a couple of attempts on one day, you probably won’t. They’re possibly out for the day, or they’re in meetings with other priorities. Or perhaps, heaven forbid they’re no longer interested in your product or service.

In any of these cases you don’t stand to gain much by calling them 10 times in a day.

Generally a couple of calls a day is all you’ll need. Of course, if you don’t get hold of them on one day, try them again and again on other days. But not too intensively. Try them at different times on different days. First thing in the morning, lunchtimes and last thing at night are all good tactics.

Also make sure you use different methods of communication. So if you don’t get hold of them by phone after a few calls, then try e-mail. Or possibly fax if relevant. If that fails, consider writing to them if the business potential makes it worth it. Different people respond to different methods of contact. And if they don’t respond to any of these things, the likelihood is they’re not interested, so put them on the back burner, call them in another month or 3 months or whatever you feel is appropriate. But move on, physically and mentally. You should  always be looking to increase the size of your prospect pot, and calling one prospect too frequently shows you don’t have much else to go at.

The best of luck.

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