So many people tell us this ! That running an effective customer service, telesales or telemarketing team is easy if it wasn’t for the people element !

The 2 major challenges facing many companies are finding the right people in the first place, and then keeping them once they’ve joined.

With the first of these 2 challenges it is important to have good robust recruitment policies. Don’t just employ people simply because you like them, or they look good (as tempting as that may be !)  For instance I think it is always a good idea to have at least 2 people interviewing. That way it prevents either of you getting ‘carried away’ by an individual who is after all trying to win you over by putting on ‘a good show.’

Then the second challenge is to keep the good people. Many organisations report that the good ones often don’t stay long. It is certainly true that there are more phone based jobs around than there are good candidates. Consequently you’re all chasing the same people. You may be constrained by what you can afford to pay. However it is important to see the ‘total cost of employment.’ Because there is a cost in the time it takes you to go through the round of interviews again, and the retraining, and the period of time while they get up to speed. So look after them, pay them sufficiently, there should be some additional element of performance related pay (even in customer service) and make sure you keep them motivated with your management style. So easy really !

We have produced a tips booklet on “How to find the good guys” which is an easy to read series of good tips and common sense on how to recruit the right people into the team. This has been written with Eloise of Vanilla Recruitment a Leicestershire based recruitment specialist who deals with many telephone based roles including customer service, telesales and telemarketing. You can find it by following this link and it’s less than £10. If it gives you one extra idea (just one) it’s got to be worth it surely ?!