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Questioning, alongside listening are arguably the most important of your communication skills. Master these and selling becomes a whole lot easier.

They help you find out the things you need to know. They also show interest in the other person, and from this you build rapport.

This is the first training module as part of the bite-sized programme. If you want to see the full schedule check out bite-sized.

Each of our topics will be a 45 – 60 minute session on Zoom. If you’ve not used Zoom before, it’s pretty easy really. We can always do a 1-2-1 before the session starts so that you feel comfortable with it.

Questioning skills

We’ll cover the 2 types of question, and how to know when to use them. We’ll also talk about a great template for basing your questioning techniques around.

So, join us on Monday July 13th at 10:30. The lockdown fee is just £30 as we recognise that many company’s cash flow is a bit shaky at the moment.

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