Car showroom sales

Prospecting training for car sales. Many dealership groups are finding it a challenge to get customers in at the moment. Footfall is declining. 

Your aim then is to increase prospects to combat falling amounts of footfall. Your prospective customers do their research on the internet and then approach dealerships when they’re hot-to-trot. This reduces the opportunities you have for sowing seeds and persuading them to do something now.

The good news for you though compared with most companies I work with is that no prospecting call will be a cold call. You already know a lot about them, or at least you should.

You know what car they drive. You know when they bought it. You probably know when it was last serviced – by using Kerridge probably and you also know how they acquired it. Did they buy it outright or did they set up a finance deal for it?

Make it a warm call

Use your background information to make it a warm call. I’d always suggest by starting off talking about their car. After all, that’s the thing that links them to you. “Good afternoon Mr. Smith. It’s Glen here from ….. group. How’s your Fiesta going at the moment?” However they answer, will allow you to start building a quality conversation with them. Even if they catch you off-guard with “oh, I sold it” you can still develop the call. Because actually there’s plenty you want to know isn’t there? 

“Aah, I see. And what did you go for?” That will then take you off in a different direction.

There is plenty you can do to build the relationship and find out information that will help you next time. Once that’s done and they’re feeling more comfortable with you, that’s when you can invite them into the dealership. You will have learned what is important to them, and what they’re interested in. Use this, to help you structure a reason why they should come in and see you.

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