PACIFICS (THE SPECIFICS OF PACIFICATION) the customer service training module


CD contents
1 : Why does it all matter ?
2 : The customer development mantra
3 : Some commercial realities
4 : What marks out a complaint?
5 : The 15 key points

Category: SKU: VOL 1 NO 19 (CD 20)


Exceptional customer service is key to exceeding your customer’s expectations. This audio CD is a reminder of all the key customer service learning and training points from the 2 day customer service training course. You will hear about why exceptional customer service really matters, the key tips and best practice for offering your customers the customer service they require ­ that you came up with! Plus a summary of the 15 secrets of good customer service.

Understanding what the key things are that make up excellent customer service is key. A reminder of the 15 key points and the exercises that we do all reinforce the training messages.

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