EMOTIONAL LEAKAGE and what your VOICE says about you


CD contents
1 : Achieving congruence
2 : Grey
3 : Red
4 : Pink & fluffy
5 : The brown man
6 : Bringing it all together
7 : The practical exercise
8 : A key message

Category: SKU: VOL 1 NO 04 (CD 23)


Telephone skills and telephone techniques training must include work on how you use your voice : your vocal pitch, tone and pace. In as little as your opening 6 words you can tell the person at the other end of the line 40 or more things about you. Your level of motivation, attitude, health and much more comes out in the opening few words. This audio training CD helps you identify how this happens, and gives you some tips and guidance to ensure it doesn’t happen to you !

The use of expression, energy and emphasis is therefore key to good communication skills. If you’re having a bad day, chances are the customer can probably tell. This audio CD tells you about the 4 colour voices and describes how emotional leakage happens.

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