Tailor cutting cloth

Tailored training to suit your sales team

Online tailored sales training packages are available for you and your field-based sales team. Now is a good time to look at investing in your sales team. Chances are that with the continuing spread of CoVid-19, you have a sales team who can’t sell. Who are maybe sat at home kicking their heels.Now is a good time to invest in some training for them.

To Market  is offering a programme of sales training based around what we define as your current needs. Any such programme would typically be based around the following sections;

  1. Needs analysis – conducted with you and your team through online training portal GiraffePad
  2. The programme delivered in bite-sized chunks. Typically each piece takes between 15 – 45 minutes
  3. The post-course wash-up

The post-course wash-up would usually consist of part of a day’s training to cover some of the key learning points from the programme. Currently because of Corona Virus this element is suspended. It may also involve some phone coaching with your team members. Thirdly it sometimes includes attending some visits with your sales team members too. This helps reinforce some of the key learning points in a real life situation.

If you are interested in finding out more about our online sales training programmes drop us some details on our contact page. Alternatively, simply pick up the phone and call us 01858 461148.