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The benefit of one to one sales training for teams in travel is that you can have bespoke and highly tailored training according to what each of your travel consultants needs. Our specialist travel trainer Alan Cook based in Leicestershire has worked with many travel, tour operators, travel agencies, holiday companies and cruise companies over the years.

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Alan has worked with Salford based Cruise1st, a subsidiary of Royal Caribbean Cruises, for the last year to help develop the call handling and selling skills of their telephone consultants.

A programme of tailored training has seen several consultants achieve their best figures to date. One consultant identified that, following her regular one-to-one training sessions, she now has much more control over her attitude and behaviour toward customers! In the past she held the misguided view that call handling in a call centre is all about speed and urgency and a desire to end the call as soon as possible ! She now recognises the value of building a relationship with callers. While she takes far less calls each day now, her conversion ratio has nearly tripled; better still she enjoys her work more!!

Alan also joined the senior team on a four-day conference aboard Independence of the Seas. The trip, early in September, sailed to Cork in Southern Ireland and Alan’s conference presentations were made to representatives of several of the leading cruise companies. If you are interested in how we can help you increase the sales output of your travel sales team, give us a call on 01858 461148. Or simply e-mail us at

Originally posted 4 Oct 2009