We’ve just been commissioned to run some training for a team of BDMs (Business Development Managers) for a company in Leicestershire. They are an industrial services company who recognise the need for their field based sales team to make more appointments with prospects over the phone.

Typically I find that field sales people often say to me that they prefer dealing with prospective customers face to face. I understand this, but it is not desirable. Ideally you want your external sales team to be equally comfortable dealing with people in either sales situation. Both (of course) are selling opportunities. So it stands to reason that you’d want to be as good as possible in either situation.

This will be one of the opening modules on our one day course in Leicester. The relative benefits and disadvantages of dealing with customers over the phone v. selling to them face to face.

We will discuss the structure of an effective call. The 3 strand intro, plus the recap on what was said and agreed previously -so that it moves your call away from being a cold call again.

It certainly seems to have worked for him!

Work planning and organisation is also key for sales people spending time on the phone either in the office or at home. Make sure you’re set up for a period of calling. Do it in batches of at least an hour. You need this period of time to get into your groove. And no checking e-mails, browsing Google while doing it either. Like riding a bike, or swimming, once you’ve made some calls the easier the process will become as you build your proficiency.

The use of killer questions to help show interest, build rapport and help you get to where you want to go in the conversation is also key. You can use them to gather all the key bits of information you will need. And like any professional (accountant, solicitor, doctor, detective) you’ll find they’re all pretty good at asking questions.

The BDMs will be testing their listening skills too. What actually happens when we listen is often quite different to what we think happens. As anyone who has been on one of my courses knows!

Spending a day on appointment setting will help you get more out of this element of your job. It just might help you make more appointments. More appointments helps you sell more. A simple principle.

In a well structured telephone selling day, you can easily make 100 sales calls. Admittedly you might only get through to 25 decision-makers, but as you can tell – this kind of volume will make things happen. For sure!

We work with clients’ sales teams across the Midlands, including Leicester, Northampton, Derby, Nottingham, Loughborough, Coventry, Birmingham, Solihull, Lichfield, Milton Keynes, Bedford, Peterborough as well as wide parts of the East and West Midlands.

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