Young female working from bedroom

Young female working from bedroomWFH is a new acronym I’ve seen a few times recently. Working from Home is to be the new ‘norm’ for many. Or at least a lot more of it will be going on than was the case before March.

How is the future shaping up?   

I make no claim to be able to see the future, but it seems that more remote working will happen. At least until the end of 2020. Then perhaps if we have a proven vaccine, offices may go back to how they were before, but many more companies, managers and individuals will question the need to sit in the office for 35 hours a week.

This is great news for many, and not so great for others. But it will present some management challenges around the ability to be able to monitor, measure and motivate your telephone based team.

Managing remotely

A few managers, company owners and directors have already expressed concern to me about how to monitor and motivate the individuals in the team working remotely. If your company is struggling with response times, or product lead times, your customer service team may spend the day getting ‘beaten-up’ on the phone. But how do you support them, and give them an arm round the shoulder to help them stay on track and stay positive?

It’s going to be a challenge.

Or you may have a sales team now working from home. They may be a team which makes outbound calls to generate new business. Or maybe an internal sales team dealing with incoming calls. How do you ensure that they sound bright & breezy? And that they cover all the bases?

The solution

To Market can help with this. How about the following – our 3 step plan?

  • Call recording. You may have this already, but it is easy to fix up if you haven’t. And now is the time to invest – because you will get better value from your investment. In other words you’re likely to be using it a lot.
  • Coaching. By setting up a briefing session, we can agree on what is important on these calls to your customers. Then we can run some short, sharp coaching sessions on Zoom. These can be a mix of team training sessions plus some individual coaching for individuals as needed. A type of sales or customer service clinic.
  • Ongoing support through our online community. This is more about supporting the individuals on the programme, but through getting your team individually signed up on our training hub GiraffePad.  This allows us to get discussions going on topics to help them. And this area is unique to you and your team.

Certainly any training solutions need to be flexible at the moment. We’re all in new territory.

Ongoing support

These types of programme are about offering support to you, your business and your team over time. We can tailor what we do as the journey starts ensuring a perfect fit for you and your team.

Payment terms

We’re also aware that for many companies, especially at the moment, the training need is there but the budget isn’t. You need to get your team battle ready again and quickly. Therefore for many organisations we are currently offering a choice of

  • Pay as you go
  • Flexible payment terms. A buy now, pay later type of scheme.

Team motivation

Imagine the motivational effect of developing your team too. Many people are worried about their job and their future. What a great way of signalling your commitment to them and the role by investing in them. This will help motivate them. They’ll also learn new things too which will help them in their dealings with your customers on the phone.

Many of them have been out of action for many weeks, and so they will need a bit of help getting back into it mentally. Just like getting back to running, the gym, whatever.

Above all we make our training fun. Check our testimonials to find out more.

And if online coaching sounds like the type of thing that will interest you to get your team back up and running again, contact us here with just a few outline details.