Marketing for the legal profession – it is important to market legal practices effectively in the future. With the legal market being deregulated in 2010, legal practices are starting to become more aware of the need to embrace marketing techniques and tools in order to grow in the future.


Perhaps we could be faced with the prospect of Virgin Legal ! Who knows ?! But this is something completely unthinkable 15 years or perhaps even 7 years ago. A client (or will they be called customers ?!) will be able to pop into Tesco for a bit of advice on their terms of employment with their shopping in hessian bags (of course) beside them !


For those of you partners in legal practices, practising law dealing with family law, contract law, employment law, company law, conveyancing, and other aspects of both civil and criminal law – these may well be interesting times.


But the challenge is of course for law firms and practices to implement their marketing strategies professionally. All communication must be accurate, caring and perceptive.


I suspect that most managing partners will not want to see their practices turn into something akin to the ambulance chasers we’ve imported from the States. Let me know what you think. I know that this is a hot topic for legal firms at the moment, because a few have spoken to us already about it.


Marketing for the legal profession is going to be a key part of their future development.

Deregulation in 2010 brings marketing challenges to legal firms