Interim telesales or telemarketing manager – Cambridge. This is currently one of the fastest growing sectors of recruitment, because hiring an interim gives you the flexibility to hire in the expertise you need for a short to medium period of time without the long term financial commitment. The economy is continuing to change rapidly at the moment and businesses need to keep flexible. Salaries is the single biggest element of cost so limiting these fixed costs makes good economic sense. 

Help with the management of your team - without the fixed costs

You have a telesales or telemarketing team at the moment and you want to develop them quickly to capitalise on any upturn in the market. But hiring in an interim for a set number of days per month gives you the strong focus you need, without you having to pay them ‘turning up money.’

Interim or temporary or short term contract telesales or telemarketing managers can be highly effective solutions for Cambridge in any business to business or industrial environment such as packaging, healthcare, industrial, electronics, automotive components and accessories, mobility products, marketing agencies, IT consultancy, print, plastics, building and construction suppliers.

If you feel your Cambridge team lacks focus and the right set up, process and organisation, talk to us on 01858 461148. We may be able to help.