You may be on this page because you’re interested in training. Looking for training courses and ideas to develop and motivate your team. However the chances are that if you run telesales, telemarketing or any type of new business generation team, you simply want to SELL MORE.  To more people, more often. There are a number of things you can do that will help

  • Do you know who is browsing your website?
  • Do you review who clicks-through your eflyers?
  • Do you ensure all enquiries are logged?
  • How are proposals followed-up?

These 4 topics probably represent the best business opportunities you will have. There are other factors too of course but let’s start with these 4.

We all know that winning new business can be challenging. You have competitors, customers who are flighty, and will hop around the internet looking for stuff. Also they want answers and solutions TODAY, NOW. If you contact them quickly as they’re looking, browsing, considering, you will have a vastly improved chance of winning the business. Studies show that up to 83% more business is won by companies who talk to a prospect within 24 hours of a need being identified. Make sure that’s you.

Technology exists that allows you to see who browses your website. What pages they look at, how long they’re on your site and what keywords they use to find you. How POWERFUL is that if you follow-up quickly? You can’t identify the individual, but you can identify the company, so ideal if you’re B2B.

Quick wins are the obvious ones to go for

Reviewing who clicks through to your site when you send out eflyers is another great way of identifying who is engaged by your message. A quick follow-up call is a great way of checking their interest. And in this instance you DO know which individual it was. Again powerful stuff.

Logging enquiries. I’m often surprised at how often companies don’t really have a system for logging enquiries. Either the system is poor or non-existent. All you need to start I’d suggest is a spreadsheet. Even better if the details go straight into your CRM system.

Following-up proposals. Often clients admit to me, that they’re concerned their team doesn’t really follow-up proposals. Why ever not?

If you are ‘top of your game’ across these 4 areas, fantastic. But if not and you’re interested in looking at some easy wins, let’s talk. Let me have some contact details at our contact page and I’ll contact you. Promise!

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