Admittedly most people recoil at the idea of scripts for telesales. The association you may make naturally is of scripts done badly. Where the person calling you has no personality and no knowledge seemingly away from the script. They have a series of questions and statements they want to make and heaven forbid if you want to ask them a question which may take them off script!

But actually, let me put it another way. If you’re going on a journey you use a map (or sat nav.) If you’re planning a meeting you have an agenda. Why wouldn’t you? Of course you may wander off it, but it doesn’t matter. You navigate your way back to it, when you need to. And it gives you an idea about where you’re heading. So it should be with a script.

Telemarketing is extremely effective. Last year over $100 billion in sales were made from telemarketing in the U.S. To make this happen for you, you will need an idea of how to make a successful call. What does a successful call sound like? Map it out. Design it. Consider the angles. Be prepared to go off script. Of course. You’re dealing with humans for goodness sake.  Train your team to work off-script and on-script. But have a plan, a call guide nonetheless.

Consider the major objections and train your team in how to deal with them confidently.

Scripts or call guides should be a part of the plan. Write effective sales scripts and of course hire the right people. Those with a bit of sales experience perhaps. But make sure they’re people who will fit into the team, who have a spark of personality and who communicate clearly. Done right, telesales or telemarketing will outperform direct mail, e-mail  or other forms of advertising and marketing.

Consider telemarketing and telesales for the following applications;

– Lead Generation

– Appointment Setting

– Email Marketing Campaigns (works well with appointment setting)

– Database Cleansing

– Database Management

– Customer Relationship Management

– Account Management.

Then construct some simple reporting systems with some KPIs (Key performance indicators.) That way you can communicate your expectations to your team. The beauty of telesales and telemarketing is that everything is countable, recordable and statistical.

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