How to deal with – “I’m happy with my current supplier.” This is one of the most common objections you face in any form of selling. As a result it is worth building some ‘script’ in your head at least to help you combat it.

After all, if you can make 10% difference to your success in handling this objection, think what difference this would make to your sales results.

Happy with my current supplier - how to deal with that old chestnut

There are many things you can do and say to deal with such objections. Follow this link to the full article we’ve written on ezine—Im-Happy-With-My-Current-Supplier-Thanks&id=3289726

It is also worth spending a little time with your colleagues brainstorming some ideas. Combining your ideas in this way builds synergy, creates team spirit and helps everyone. One of our clients has recently started doing this every Monday morning and is already seeing more positive results and a better team atmosphere.