One of the things that is most challenging about any form of telemarketing, telesales or sales job is dealing with those (pesky) objections.

Wouldn’t selling be easy if people simply agreed to all the wonderful things you put to them ? But they won’t and they never will ! And I also think that ironically selling would become less interesting and less stimulating if people agreed all the time ! After all that would remove the challenge wouldn’t it ?!


So get geared up, and get ready for them. I believe that once you’ve been in a job for 3 months or so, you’ve probably heard 95-99% of all the objections you’ll ever hear.


So find out answers, write things down, listen to how others deal with the same objections.

I can probably guess what 8 of the top 10 will be in any case. We’ve all heard them before. The words may change from industry to industry, but the essence is the same. We have an audio CD available on this subject.