Get your travel consultants up to earnings of £40K per year.   It is a great idea as it means you will be making more money through increased sales of holidays, cruises, tours etc.

In May 2006, Destinology an upmarket travel company based in the North-West of England commissioned the services of our travel sales training specialist Alan Cook to improve the sales call conversion ratios of their 30 or so in-house consultants.  The company management told the sales team that, within a few years … “Consultants would see themselves earning in excess of £40k per year”. Understandably there was some initial scepticism to this boast, especially since the travel industry rarely sees consultant’s income pass the £20k mark let alone £40k!!!

Holiday sales training - give your team more !

After three years of group sessions and one-to-one coaching, Alan was delighted to hear that, as of the end of October (the statistical end of their sales year) a number of the consultants had indeed enjoyed incomes in excess of £40k the highest of which exceeded £43k!

Offering your team a viable but motivating commission scheme combined with slightly above average salaries will keep you ahead of your competition – producing a winning team and keeping the best sales agents from going and working for your competitors. It makes sense doesn’t it ?!