As we’re all aware at the moment, times are challenging. There are fewer customers about, and many of those that are have cut their spending. A number of people we’ve spoken to are keen to find ways to sharpen their selling, and improve their sales effectiveness on the phone, but have limited budgets to invest in full scale training.

So we’re planning on running a free seminar in late January 2010 for directors, senior managers and small company owners where we will offer some key tips and suggestions for making more effective use of the phone in developing sales relationships with customers. The initial seminar or free telesales workshop will be held in the East Midlands – likely to be in Leicestershire or Northamptonshire (possibly Leicester, Kettering, Northampton, or Corby).

At this stage we’re interested in knowing who would like to attend this event. Numbers are likely to be limited to 20 or so. So if you’d be interested in registering your interest for this event – just send us an e-mail to and we’ll then send you the full details once we get nearer to the event. 

Also, depending on how the initial event goes, we may look to run them at other venues in Birmingham, Cambridge, Milton Keynes, Warrington, Lincoln, Solihull, Lichfield and South Yorkshire. So if these venues would suit you better, please let us know via e-mail.