A slightly offbeat subject for today’s blog. And not even related to training ! But then if Clarkson can get away with rambling about all sorts of different subjects in his books, I’m sure you’ll forgive me this once.

It’s that time of year when you may be starting to think about your summer holiday.

And as we all know this year may be very different for many people. With uncertain conditions ahead, reduced hours, job losses and pay cuts, the choice for many this year may be very different to normal.

So here’s a thought – by taking your holiday in Britain you will ultimately be taking steps to protect your own job ! If we all spent the £29 billion that we traditionally spend in Britain this summer, that will be money going into food, leisure, entertainment and then from that into packaging, financial services – and so on and so on – you get the picture.

And after all, you can forego that constant sunshine for just one summer can’t you ?!   

Wherever you end up, write in and let us know what sort of customer service standards you get.