There is a way to get an experienced telesales or telemarketing manager in your company for a fraction of the usual cost.

Many companies are facing a current situation where they want to provide strong leadership and telesales or telemarketing management for their team, but without wanting to commit to spending the £50,000 to £60,000 that it would normally cost.

Get your team to the next level with some interim management

Get your team to the next level with some interim management

An alternative is to hire somebody on a freelance basis to do an agreed number of days per month for you. Say you set up an agreement with someone to do 5 days per month. The required investment will be less than half what it would cost to employ someone.

You may additionally get around the need for a lengthy contract and so if your business changes shape or your needs change, you can wind up the agreement. Alternatively you can also use the exercise as a great test bed for trying out a potential telesales or telemarketing manager. Also your freelance manager should be able to help you spec up what you need. No company car, or pension or healthcare either so  you have access to quality management and leadership at a fraction of the normal fee.

Many organisations are talking to us at the moment about such an arrangement as it gives much more flexibility and a lack of heavy investment and cost at a time when business conditions are volatile.

Consider the idea of an interim manager for your team. They can help set up or develop KPIs for your team, can help with benefits selling, objection handling and even sales call structure. It could be the best thing to help train, develop and build a telesales or telemarketing team whether you are in Leicester, Northampton, Kettering, Corby, Wellingborough, Cambridge, Peterborough, Birmingham, Coventry, Derby or Nottingham or anywhere across Leicestershire, Northamptonshire, or the East or West Midlands.