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Understanding sales objections – 90 minutes ONLINE

January 21 @ 10:30 am - 12:00 pm

Frightened child

Do you need a little help understanding why objections are a hurdle to overcome in sales?

Sales objections are simply a fact of life. In all forms of selling or telemarketing, we encounter people saying ‘No’ to us, or rejecting the ideas we put to them. Many people don’t handle them very well, and it’s all to do with the fragile beings us humans are! Understanding the psychology of this is the start point to being able to deal with it.

In our 90 minute session, we’ll help you understand what is going on internally when a customer knocks us back. Plus we’ll explain how to develop resilience, with our 6 point plan. We’ll talk about the difference between objectivity and subjectivity and explain why it’s so important.

Even customer complaints can be a good thing. We’ll explain how, and we’ll introduce you to the highly useful ACCEPT mnemonic.

After this session, you will at least understand what is going on with customer objections. Plus you’ll have the tools to face them down. All of them.

Finally, we find that interactive sessions work best as they allow participants to relate the theory back to their own business. A short exercise will help you lock in your learning.


We appreciate that money is tight for many businesses at the moment, and so we’re offering each of these sessions for just £40 per head per session. Find out more about the full range of modules coming up here.