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Structuring the sales call – part 2 – ONLINE sales training

January 26 @ 10:30 am - 12:00 pm

Baby open mouth

Structuring the sales call part 2. If you’ve read about Part 1, you will know that structuring the sales call is a BIG topic.

It probably works best if you do part 1 first, as much of this session will refer back to work we covered in part 1. Part 2 is a continuation of what where you’ve got to by the end of Part 1

Like part 1, this session will be a 60 – 90 minute module to help you move the sales process on.

As they start talking, you can start to identify needs. This gives you the opportunity to reassure them with your matching statements. You’ll probably want to get them engaged too with some of your winning benefit statements. Spotting buying signals and going for the close are also key topics we include here.

We also talk about dealing with humans! Us humans don’t always play by the rules, and so we talk about how to deal with varying reactions and behaviours.

So, join us for this second session, and improve your sales technique. Better calls, leads to more opportunities leads to more sales.

Finally, we find that interactive sessions work best as they allow participants to relate the theory back to their own business. A short exercise will help you lock in your learning.


We appreciate that money is tight for many businesses at the moment and so we’re offering each of these sessions for just £40 per head per session. Find out more about the full range of modules coming up here.