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Does your customer service team need a refresher after 12 weeks away? As businesses start to open up after an extended period away, it’s all a bit strange and different isn’t it? I’ve noticed in the last couple of weeks, having restarted contacting clients that most businesses are now open again – but mostly the office staff are still WFH (working from home.)

Consequently you have your office team talking to your customers from their homes. Are you happy that they’re back up to speed with their customer handling skills? We’re all aware that most markets are going to be more competitive for a while, with less money about.

Refresher trainingĀ is key for many organisations gearing up again – after what has been a form of hibernation.

A flexible training planĀ 

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Are you and your team just coming out of hibernation?

AllĀ To MarketĀ programmes are happening as virtual live training at the moment on Zoom. We’re also conscious that onscreen, online training has to be conducted in shorter sessions. How about a series of I’m confident about keeping a team engaged in a classroom environment for 2 full days – but on Zoom it has to be different. Each session in the programme runs for 60 – 90 minutes, and is still designed to be participative.

The choice of modules is dependent on your current situation and what you’re trying to achieve, but a typical customer service programme may be made up of the following.

  • Customer Service – what your customerĀ really wants
  • Questioning skills – how to ask the right questions to solve problems and identify needs
  • Language to influence – using the best wording to calm situations, not inflame them
  • The customer development mantra – 4 cornerstones of great customer service
  • Complaints, Objections & Nos – how to see complaints as a positive thing

If you are interested in looking at someĀ refresher training for your customer service team, let’s talk. Simply drop some details here.

Flexible terms

We’re also aware that many companies are struggling to get their cashflow going again, and so we are offering flexible payment terms too at the moment to help our clients get back on their feet.

If you know that you really do need to invest in some training for your customer service team to help them get back up to speed, let’s chat. And in the meantime, we wish you all well, and hope that you stay safe and healthy.