Customers like to say yes. The most natural thing perhaps is to want to say yes when someone asks you a question. We all like to please.

I was staying in a hotel in the North West while carrying out a programme of telephone skills training. I was sat there coming to the end of the meal, reading one of the sections from my Sunday paper.  Probably the sport section. I’d already had a bottle of beer and was consciously thinking about whether to have another. However the decision was soon made and I learnt a very important point. The friendly, young waitress came by and said “are you ok for drinks?” And I instinctively answered “Yes.” There it was, the word was out and she was gone.

I realised straightaway that if she’d framed the same question differently, she would have got a different answer. If she’d simply said “can I get you another beer?” I would have said yes and an extra sale would have been made. Simple isn’t it really. So much of good selling is about basic psychology. Understanding how humans work and how they make decisions.

I wonder how many extra sales could be made by this hotel chain because of this. And by sales organisations and sales people individually.

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